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Our Story

Born from a blend of culinary passion and technological innovation, EatingAI is reshaping the way we perceive nutrition. We're dedicated to equipping you with tools for a healthier, more informed dietary journey.

The EatingAI Odyssey: From UCL Benches to A Revolutionary Platform

The journey of EatingAI began in the historic halls of UCL in London, 2019. Amidst the bustling campus, an idea began to take root — a vision for a platform that seamlessly integrates the power of artificial intelligence with personalized nutrition.

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EatingAI Insight

Personalized Diet Notifications

Stay informed with tailored alerts based on your unique dietary needs, whether it's gluten-free, vegan, or nut-free. Dive deeper with EatingAI's curated food recommendations, timely hydration reminders, and exclusive supermarket offers tailored just for you.

Easy to Navigate EatingAI

Manage Your Calories with Precision

Not only can you manage your meal history and gain insights into your eating patterns, but with AI-powered analytics, EatingAI delves deep to calculate your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) and tracks your daily calorie intake. Dive into personalized insights to learn about your body, identify ingredients that uplift you, and pinpoint those that might not sit well, fostering a better understanding of your unique nutritional needs.

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How it Works?

Discover Your Nutritional Blueprint

Complete a profile, get your BMR, and set calorie goals.

Personalize Your Palette

Highlight favored dishes and avoid the foods you dislike.

Track Your Culinary Experiences

Log meals, assess caloric intake, and rate your satisfaction.

Set Your Locale for Insights

Choose your location for local food suggestions and offers.

Engage with Smart Alerts

Receive water reminders, recipe tips, and more.

Achieve Your Dietary Goals

Use AI insights for a balanced, fulfilling dietary journey.

Publishing date: Q1 2024

EatingAI, the bridge between your plate and optimal health. Available for iOS & Android.


What Clients Say?

Our users have transformed their eating habits, unlocked new flavors, and harnessed the power of informed dietary decisions, all thanks to EatingAI.

I've always stressed the importance of nutrition with my clients, but tracking everything manually can be tedious. EatingAI has revolutionized the way I advise on diet. The voice recognition feature is a game-changer – my clients now quickly log meals on the go. The personalized recommendations also mean they're always discovering new foods that suit their goals and dietary preferences. A must-have for anyone serious about their nutrition.


Jordan Matthews

Fitness Coach

Being a foodie means I'm constantly experimenting with new dishes. EatingAI has made me more mindful of what I consume. The post-meal rating system is brilliant, helping me understand which ingredients work best for me. Plus, getting restaurant recommendations that align with my preferences? Pure gold. It's not just an app; it's a comprehensive food journey.


Lila Nguyen

Food Blogger

Balancing a hectic work schedule with healthy eating was always a challenge. With EatingAI, I've found a perfect companion. Recording my meals is now as easy as speaking into my phone. In just a few weeks, I've gained insights into my eating habits, helping me make better choices daily. The AI's food suggestions have introduced me to dishes I'd never have tried otherwise. It's like having a personal nutritionist in my pocket.


Ricardo Gomez

Software Developer

Frequently Asked Questions

Navigating a new dietary landscape? We've got answers.

How does EatingAI's advanced voice recognition capture my meals?

EatingAI uses advanced voice recognition technology to capture and log your meals. Simply mention what you ate, and our system will record it, calculating the estimated calories and nutritional content based on our vast food database.

I have specific dietary restrictions. Can EatingAI accommodate that?

Absolutely! EatingAI is designed to cater to a wide range of dietary preferences and restrictions. You can customize your profile settings to avoid certain ingredients or types of food, ensuring the recommendations you receive align with your dietary needs.

How does the app determine which foods might not be suitable for me?

After each meal you log, you'll have the option to rate your satisfaction and how you felt afterward. Over time, our AI analyzes this data, identifying patterns and potentially problematic ingredients for your unique constitution. This allows us to provide you with more personalized food recommendations.

Can I set a calorie goal for weight loss, maintenance, or gain?

Yes, EatingAI allows you to set specific calorie goals based on your desired weight objectives, whether it's weight loss, maintenance, or gain. Our app will then provide meal recommendations that help you stay within your set calorie range.

How accurate are the calorie and nutrition estimates?

While we strive to provide the most accurate estimates possible by drawing from a comprehensive food database, there may be slight variations based on portion sizes and preparation methods. For best results, we recommend being as specific as possible when logging meals.

Can I get restaurant meal recommendations based on my preferences?

Yes! EatingAI offers suggestions from restaurant menus based on your dietary preferences, past meal ratings, and calorie goals. This feature makes it easier to make informed choices even when dining out.

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