The EatingAI Odyssey: From UCL Benches to A Revolutionary Platform

12 Jul 2023


The journey of EatingAI began in the historic halls of UCL in London, 2019. Amidst the bustling campus, an idea began to take root — a vision for a platform that seamlessly integrates the power of artificial intelligence with personalized nutrition.

In the initial phase, the team poured over tens of prototypes, each one refined further by the last, in a quest to truly understand the user. But understanding the platform from the technical side wasn't enough. The real essence of nutrition lies in its human aspect. More than 30 interviews were conducted with nutritionists from varied backgrounds. Conversations with diverse companies gave deeper insights into market dynamics and the potential space for innovation.

Throughout the process, the project saw inputs from over 10 passionate individuals, each bringing their expertise and perspective. Today, the heart of EatingAI is its core team of three:

  • Aureliu Galasanu of UI/UX and Product Manager, the UI/UX maestro and product manager, believes that "EatingAI isn't just another tech tool; it's a personal nutrition companion that understands individual needs."
  • Traian Ciochina of Frontend Developer, the frontend developer, asserts that "In EatingAI, technology meets human wellness. It's the future of mindful and health-centric eating."
  • Mark Melnic of Backend Developer, the backbone with his backend development skills, feels that "EatingAI is where data translates into actionable and beneficial insights for everyone."

Their journey, starting from the seats of UCL to the comprehensive platform that EatingAI is today, is a testament to perseverance, innovation, and the belief that technology, when combined with human-centric design, can revolutionize daily aspects of our lives, such as eating.

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