Eating AI Features

How we want to disrupt the market and what are the main features we are focusing on in creating a new way for people to discover the food they have to eat in order to stay healthy and fit.

For Nutritionists: Manage Your Customer and Their
Preferences with Ease

With the help of EatingAi, you have the entire access to all the data that wasn't collected from your customer before. With their feedback of how did they felt, and how did they rate your recipes, you can easily determine with the help of the AI what will be best for your customers to eat next.

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For Customers: Always Connected with Your Nutritionist and Easy to Follow Meals

Your nutritionist's meal plans, recipes in your pocket. Easy to follow recipes and traction of your goals at a slide. Ready to eat meals around you, based on your location, preferences, mood, budget, allergies, activity and health.

App Showcase

Here is a quick preview of the app, please feel free to leave your feedback. We are taking into consideration
all the feedback that could improve your experience.

Stores & Restaurants

We collect and partner with available locals on the market that have the products and meals available for your body. Which suits your needs, budget, preferences and more.

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